"To be able to enjoy one’s work in life, is to be blessed."

I am indeed blessed to work with many wonderful people, some of whom are competitive and ambitious, and some of whom are not ambitious for the competition arena, but still devoted to their horses and committed to being better horsemen and riders.

To each and all, thankyou for instilling the trust in me to guide you on your journeys. Bring on 2020!

BD Bellissimo


Crystalbrook Platinum

Name: Kristen McAuslan

Horses: BD Bellissimo, Siriano & Crystalbrook Platinum

I’ve had the priviledge of working with Kristen, a fellow dressage coach, since she was a teenager with her thoroughbred gelding Cookie. Together, we took her beloved BD Bellissimo (by Benito) from Preliminary to Grand Prix level, before she tragically lost him well before his time.

Siriano (by Sir Donnerhall) is the second product of our training partnership, and they have had much success together, including winning the 2016 QLD State Prix St George Championship title; And many times selected on the QLD State Dressage Squad. Kristen has made the difficult decision to sell Siriano to make some property improvements, and in the meantime enjoys teaching her own students on him.

Kristen has started a third young Warmblood, Crystalbrook Platinum (by Prestige VDL), and they have had two wonderful seasons together. This year winning Reserve Elementary Championships at the PRARG **, Brenda Wittman ** and Caboolture Official and are finalists for QLD Elementary Horse of the Year. We look forward to pushing on in 2020 towards Medium level.

Fairbanks DaVinchi

Remi Lanikai

Name: Daisy Fielding

Horse: Fairbanks DaVinchi

I have been training Daisy for five years. In this time, Daisy has impressed me with her commitment to training and being as good as she can be. She is super committed, patient and loves everything about the sport, from early mornings, to cleaning gear and mucking boxes.

Achievements together include:

- State Interschool Senior Elementary Champion
- National Interschool Elementary Champion
- QLD Junior Novice Young Rider of the Year
- QLD Junior Elementary Young Rider of the Year
- QLD State Reserve Young Rider Elementary Champion
- Dressage QLD Bronze Medal
- Selected on the 2017 Arnage Warmblood Stud QLD State Young Rider Squad

- Selected for a Bond Scholarship
- State and National Interschool Medium Champion
- National Interschool Elementary Reserve Champion
- QLD State Open Elementary Champion
- Australian Youth Elementary Champion and FEI Junior Tour Champion
- QLD Elementary Horse of the Year
- QLD Elementary Young Rider of the Year
- QLD Medium Young Rider of the Year
- Selected on the 2018 Arnage Warmblood Stud QLD State Young Rider Squad

- Brisbane CDI Young Rider Tour Champion
- Winner of a Bond University Blues Award
- QLD Advanced Young Rider of the Year
- QLD Small Tour Young Rider of the Year
- QLD Senior Young Rider of the Year
- Winner of the ‘Crisp’ Emerging FEI Rider of the Year
- Selected on the 2019 Arnage Warmblood Stud QLD State Young Rider Squad

- Willinga Park CDI-Y Champion
- Brisbane CDI-Y Reserve Champion
- QLD State Youth Championships - CDI-Y Reserve Champion
- Fraser Coast ** - Reserve Small Tour Champion
- Selected on National Young Rider Development Squad
- 2019 DQ Gold Medal
- 2019 Irene Bakers-Noreen runner-up Small Tour Young Rider of the Year

Daisy also purchased from Remi Stud her future star, Remi Lanikai, now a 3 year old gelding by Lauries As, out of Champion mare Fioretta. Lanikai was broken-in November 2019, and we look forward to starting him on his dressage journey through 2020.

Castlebrook Brenin Jude


Name: Charlotte Adamson

Horse: Castlebrook Brenin Jude

I have been working with Charlotte since she was 12 years old. Starting with her stunning Welsh Cob, Castlebrook Brenin Jude, Charlie has always impressed me with her dedication and attention to detail. This dynamic duo has come a long way since 2016, achieving more personal bests to count!

Of the many wonderful achievements, here are a few:

- QLD State Young Rider Novice Champion
- QLD State Junior Interschool Novice Champion
- National Junior Interschool Champion
- QLD Novice Young Rider of the Year
- Selected on the 2017 Arnage Warmblood Stud QLD State Young Rider Squad

- QLD Junior Young Rider of the Year
- Selected on the 2018 Arnage Warmblood Stud QLD State Young Rider Squad

- QLD Dressage Series Reserve Elementary Champion
- Debut competition at Medium level
- Selected on 2019 Arnage Warmblood Stud QLD State Young Rider Squad

At the beginning of 2019, after the tragic loss of her new horse, Calimero, Charlotte moved onto the FEI schoolmaster, Jazzaround. Together they achieved some excellent scores at Medium and Advanced level, up to 70%. Charlotte also achieved a 2019 DQ Silver Medal  and was awarded Dressage QLD Junior Young Rider of the Year 2019.

We look forward to a better 2020, with less obstacles to overcome.

North Carlos

Jaybee Angelina

Name: Marian Hutchinson

Horses: North Carlos
& Jaybee Angelina

Marian started 2018 with a new horse, North Carlos. In a short time, they bonded and were achieving Marian’s personal best scores every time they went out, and winning many AAOR Elementary places, including the Caboolture AAOR Spectacular Elementary Championship title. Together, they also won a Dressage QLD Bronze Medal and a Masters Challenge Award in 2018. Tragically, we lost our beautiful Carlos to a strange auto-immune disorder in September 2018.

After much grief, we were lucky to have Champion Dressage mare, Jaybee Angelina (by Alabaster), come into Marian’s life. An FEI schoolmaster, Angie has taught Marian much about collection, and Marian has thoroughly enjoyed learning how to drive her new pony and achieved a 2019 Masters Challenge Medal.

We look forward to pushing onto Medium level in 2020.

Name: Karin Gordon

Horse: Fidelia

Karin enjoyed another year of learning from her beatiful imported schoolmaster mare, Fidelia.

With a busy home life and a very busy athletic daughter, Ella, Karin loves her ‘down time’ and looks forward to every chance she gets to ride and train; soaking up the challenges that come with improving in the sport.



Name: Emma Weel

Horse: Santiago

Emma Weel was a student of mine as a teenager, and returned to the saddle in 2018 after more than 20 years away! Prior to re starting her riding life, Emma had competed up to Pony Club Novice level. Finding FEI schoolmaster, Jazzaround (by Jazz), was a life changer for Emma, and she cannot get enough of riding. With a downgrade, Emma competed at Elementary and Medium level and won many AAOR Elementary and Medium Championships, achieved a Dressage QLD Bronze Medal and was a finalist for QLD Newcomer Rider of the Year.

In early 2019, Emma purchased exciting Australian Champion, Santiago, from Matthew Dowsley. Santiago was a case of ‘bite off more than you can chew; and then chew it’. Emma learnt so much from her beautiful boy, and enjoyed competing him at the Samford *, Brisbane CDI, and QLD State Championships, where she achieved a personal best score of 69% in the 4B. Emma also won 2019 Dressage Qld Owner of the Year and Santiago was Runner-up 2019 Rhonda Kath Memorial QLD Medium Horse of the Year.

Name: Lancia Puddle

Horse: VooDoo

After many years of ill health, and a massive interstate move from the Northern Territory to Brisbane, Lancia has started back in the saddle in June, with a new horse, VooDoo. We have enjoyed Lancia’s return to riding fitness and creating a new partnership, and look forward to the 2020 journey.

Vrai Amie

Leadburn Rockin Rio
Name: Macada Roebig

Leadburn Rockin Rio & Vrai Amie

22 year old Macada started working here at Nicole Tough Dressage Team in 2018, and also began regular lessons. Macada juggles studying to be a vet at Gatton University, maintaining 2 dressage horses in work and her work here.

Macada’s 2 horses are chalk and cheese. Vrai Amie (Regardez Moi/Aachimedes), is a worker, who always gives 100% and tends to overthink life; whilst Rio (Rotspon) thinks work is over rated, and tries to save all effort as often as possible. Both horses teach Macada to be a better dressage trainer, and she loves the challenge.

Macada was also awarded the 2019 APH True Seville Dressage QLD Groom of the Year.

Macada is a wonderful addition to the NTD team and loves all the horses here at the barn. She is also a wonderful photographer - which is a bonus for me!

Name: Madison Clarke

Horse: Fiesta

With Madison newly graduated from High School and beginning University, we found Fiesta in March 2019, and set about bringing her back into work after a year off. Madison committed to the early goals, and was ready to compete at the Samford * in June. Together, they achieved Madison’s personal best scores, regularly scoring 70%.

Other results include:

- State Youth Elementary Champion
- QLD Dressage Series ** - Reserve Elementary Champion & Champion Young Rider
- QLD State Championships - Elementary Young Rider Champion
- 2019 Dressage QLD Bronze Medal
- 2019 Wintercourt Elementary Young Rider of the Year

Alter Ego

Name: Zali Young

Alter Ego

12 year old Zali Young and her young warmblood, ‘Blue’, have come so far in a short time, mastering a rounder frame and more dressage skills. Zali is a talented show jumper who sees the merit in training on the flat to develop her horse into a better athlete. With her new found skills, Zali entered some dressage competitions, and came 5th in the Australian Interschool Junior Combined Training Championships.

Name: Kirsten McAree (nee Costello)

Horse: Remi Lone Ranger

After a roller coaster couple of years, Kirsten and hubby have moved into their new home, and is loving her working life at Horseland Strathpine, as a saddlefitter.

Kirsten and her young Hanoverian, Remi Lone Ranger (by Lauries As), have had a great year competing when they can, at Novice and Elementary level, winning Caboolture Dressage Group Elementary Champion and achieving a 2019 Dressage QLD Bronze Medal.

I look forward to helping Kirsten set new goals and work towards them in 2020.

Name: Kris Mac

Horse: Willow

Kris came to me early in 2018 wanting help to start her 5 year old, 14.1 hand, pony mare Willow, with the hope of starting Pony Dressage when they were ready. In 2019, Kris and Willow got to many dressage competitions, ticking off goals, and setting new ones each time. Together they achieved a 5th placing at the QLD State Dressage Championships; and we are looking forward to working towards novice level in 2020.



Name: Abby & Mila Weel

Horses: Fergie & Buzz Lightyear

Definitely my youngest students, 7 year old Mila and 9 year old Abby, are loving learning about how to look after and ride their ponies. They have had their share of falls, went to Pony Club Gymkhana’s, winning many ribbons and LOVED a few Pony Club Camps. I look forward to helping them on their pony journey through 2020. Abby has set a goal to compete in Interschool Dressage, and Mila to canter on her own.

Name: Sienna White

Horse: Chappy

I started with Sienna in late 2019, and soon it was time to move off Sienna’s wonderful 12 hand pony, BJ. Welcome Chappy, a Welsh Cob pony gelding, and a great all rounder. We look forward to preparing over the summer for a wonderful 2020.

Name: Brooke Flesser

Horses: Madison

New student, Brooke, and her 8 year old warmblood mare, by Richmeed Medallion, are an exciting combination with much potential. I look forward to working with them next year, and hope to help Brooke achieve her goals.