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Horses and Team

It takes a dedicated group of people, staff and professionals to keep the horses happy and healthy; and we are lucky to have the below amazing team.


Current horse of Nicole Tough Dressage Team

14.2 hand, 2020 German Riding Pony gelding, by Double Diamond, out of a Halifax mare.

2021 Achievements:

  • QDRSC Championships - Preliminary Pony Champion

  • QLD Newcomer Pony of the Year 

  • Selected on the 2022 Rivermead Estate QLD State Talent Squad

2022 Achievements:

  • Caboolture Dressage Championships - Open Novice Champion 

  • Park Ridge Dressage Championships - Open Novice Champion 

  • Tamworth Horse First Dressage Showcase - Open Novice Champion 

  • Re-selected on the 2023 Rivermead Estate QLD State Talent Squad


Current horse of Nicole Tough Dressage Team


15.3 hand, 2018 Oldenburg mare by Escolar, out of a Fidertanz mare.

Owned by Nicole and Colin, purchased via Viola Abrahams in Germany; 'Eva' arrived in Qld December 1st 2023.


Nicole and Colin look forward to future adventures with her.


Weekly Coach - Traci Baldwin
For the last 13 years, I have my weekly lessons with Traci. Traci overseas my training, ensuring I don’t slip into bad habits or look for short cuts. Her attention to detail is right up my alley.


Clinic Coach 

2024 will see a return to clinics with the first one scheduled with Vanessa Way.

Grooms - James Kelly and Tia McLelland
James Kelly and Tia McLelland are a vital part of the team. They keep the barn working on time and smoothly, whilst keeping the horses happy and healthy.

Farrier - Sam Buchanan
Every 4-6 weeks, each of the horses here at NTDT are attended to by our expert farrier, Sam Buchanan. With great bio-mechanical understanding, Sam attends to the balance and condition of our horses hooves, and this means they can train and perform well. A good farrier can literally change the working life of a horse. Our thanks to Sam, for his professional service and for his love of horses.

Vets - Gold Coast Equine and WestVets
Both practises are brilliant, professional and love our horses.

Bodywork - Wendy Bannerot From Equine Edge Rehabilitation
The horses here at NTD are checked and treated by Wendy Bannerot, a qualified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, once a month, and they love it. Wendy’s services include; treatment for a range of non-veterinary management of post-operative conditions, open wounds, tendon & ligament Injuries (including rehabilitation & strengthening of muscles); as well as recovery and increased range of movement in injured joints.

Dentist - Peter Roberts
Having horses teeth attended to annually, leads to better performance and response to training. Additionally, a horse that cannot masticate it’s food properly, will not be able to get proper nutrition from their food. Peter is a Master dentist, and extremely thorough.

Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan-Butt

Our horses are regularly checked over by Kathryn to ensure their saddles are still fitting as they develop into strong dressage athletes.  Kathryn is a master of her craft and stocks a range of different saddle brands to allow us to try new saddles as needed through our horse's training journey.

Sponsors -

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