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"To be able to enjoy one’s work in life, is to be blessed."

I am indeed blessed to work with many wonderful people, some of whom are competitive and ambitious, and some of whom are not ambitious for the competition arena, but still devoted to their horses and committed to being better horsewomen (and horsemen) and riders.

To each and all, thank you for instilling the trust in me to guide you on your journeys. Bring on the year!

Kristen McAuslan

Horse: Crystalbrook Platinum (Warmblood by Prestige VDL)

Nicole’s longest student, Kristen, began lessons with Nicole on her Thoroughbred, Cookie, at a State Young Rider Squad clinic in 2008, and they have been working together ever since.

Together they trained Bellissimo (Benito) from a just broken youngster through to Grand Prix, with multiple selections on State Squads, and Siriano (Sir Donnerhall) from breaking-in to FEI with multiple State Championship titles and Squad selections to their credit.

Kristen now has Crystalbrook Platinum (aka Ardie), a 2013 Hanoverian whom she has trained from a 4 year old.  Kristen and Ardie commenced FEI in 2023.

Daisy Fielding

Horses: Remi Lanikai (Warmblood by Lauries As)

 Gartina (Warmblood by Bordeaux)

Starting Daisy on her dressage journey has been a joy to Nicole. Not long after their beginning, Daisy moved onto her first ‘real’ dressage horse, Fairbanks DaVinci and never looked back. With DaVinci (Don Federico), Daisy enjoyed many triumphs, multi State Championship titles, State Young Rider Squad selections and multiple Young Rider awards.

Nicole helped Daisy start her first breaker, Remi Lanikai in 2020 and they are so proud to have won 2022 QLD Novice Horse of the Year and were selected on the 2023 QLD State Talent Squad.

Nicole paved the way for Daisy and Gartina’s partnership, beginning at the end of 2021, and they are so proud to have earnt selection on the 2023 QLD State Dressage Squad. 

Marian Hutchings

Horse: Bianko (German Riding Pony)

A long time student, Marian is an inspirational lady, who manages multiple health conditions to stay in the saddle and chase her dreams. Nicole has helped Marian to achieve 3 Dressage Qld Masters medals on horses, North Carlos, Jaybee Angelina and in 2022 on her German Riding Pony, Bianko.

In 2022 Marian ticked an item off her bucket list, to compete interstate at Willinga Park’s Dressage by the Sea, where they won AAOR Medium Pony Champion.

In March 2024, Marian Hutchings purchased a new 4 year old German Riding Pony to add to her team. Kingsfield Dior (Cheval de Luxe) bred by Kingsfield Park, had enjoyed a successful season of showing with Louise Barton, before coming to a new life in a dressage stable. Nicole will start Dior in 2024, with Marian to start competing mid year.

Karin Gordon

Horses: Fidelia (Warmblood by Fidertanz)

Showgirl (Warmblood by Kings Classic)

Leopold (Warmblood by Livaldon)

A long time student, Karin undertakes her dressage training with much dedication and joy.

Karin’s long time mount, Fidelia, graciously provides a riding mount for groom James Kelly, whilst Karin currently focuses on developing her mare Showgirl.  Karin has also taken on the reins of Leopold a talented younger Warmblood with the goals to continue developing his potential and training.  

Karin and Showgirl recently competed at their first show, an Equestrian Gold Coast dressage members day, where Karin enjoyed debuting at Medium level.

Zali Young

Horse: Cardi B (Warmblood x Welsh by Brenin Jude)

Nicole started working with Zali as a 12 year old show jumper wanting to improve her flatwork discipline. Together, Nicole and Zali made an excellent all rounder in her Warmblood Alta Ego, winning many State Inter-School Combined Training and Dressage championships and winning the Dressage Qld Pat Dale Memorial Award for elementary newcomers in 2021.

With Nicole’s help, Zali found and started young 4 year old, Cardi B, winning 2021 Dressage Qld’s Newcomer Horse of the Year and Preliminary/Novice Young Rider of the Year, and were selected on the 2022 QLD State YR Squad. 2022 saw another triumphant year, with Zali and Cardi B winning Qld State Young Rider Novice and Elementary Championship titles, Dressage Qld Elementary Young Rider of the Year, and have been re-selected on the 2023 QLD State Young Rider Squad.

Zali started Medium level with Cardi B in 2023.

Shana Buchanan

Horse: Caruso  APH (Warmblood by Levisonn)

Lavalle (Warmblood by Lauries As)

A very busy mum to 3 children, an investment analyst with an online retail shop called iDecorate. Growing up in the country Shana dreamed of owning a horse. After 2 decades of career and cty lfe Shana started at NTD in 2021 having done only one year of riding and no formal lessons.   Shana successfully fits in her weekly dressage lesson on her two lovely horses, Caruso and Lavalle.

Shana is competing EVA95 in 2024 with the goals to compete 3* level one day.

Shana and Valle WHT Nov 23.JPG
Liz Cable

Horse: Nabou (German Riding Pony by Numero Uno)

After 20 years away from the saddle, Liz found her dream equine partner in 2020 German Riding Pony, Nabou.


Through 2021 - 2023 Nicole has been helping Liz train a youngster and in 2022 they started competing in club preliminary classes at Samford and Caboolture club events. In 2023 they started competing in competitive level preliminary events whilst continuing lessons and juggling family commitments.

Liz has goals to continue improving and keep enjoying the journey with her handsome golden boy.

Fiona Bassingthwaite

Horse: Fiadora (Fidertanz)


Fiona Bassingthwaite and her beautiful Fiadora, make the commute between a busy outback life in Roma and life on the Gold Coast.


A busy working mum of three, and taking on a newly broken-in warmblood mare was a monumental assignment, and Nicole is happy to be able to help Fiona continue on this journey, and they hope to make a competition debut this year.

FB and Fiadora.jpg
James Kelly

Re-introducing James to the saddle after 25+ years out of it, has been a vicarious joy for Nicole.


From agricultural shows to the dressage arena, James has been thoroughly enjoying the challenges and learning journey on leased horse, Davrol Mowgli and now on Fidelia.

James and Fidelia are aiming to make a show debut this year.

Taylah Paul

Horse: Belrock Sebastian (Warmblood)


A new student in late 2022, 19 year old Taylah and Sebastion started with not much confidence in their knowledge base or in themselves as a partnership. In a few months, they transformed and even went to their first competition, placing 3rd in their Preliminary test with 66%.

Taylah has continued with her lessons and has been able to compete occasionally in 2023, juggling her new full-time work in the dentistry field.

Chloe Manton

Horse: Alta Ego (Warmblood)

14 year old Chloe started training here at NTD in December 2022, first with her Warmblood mare Lilly on Boot Camp with Nicole.  Over the summer, they started to gel, achieving a better connection, more understanding of the seat aids and commenced some lateral work.

In 2023 she bought new horse Alta Ego a wonderful dressage and jumping schoolmaster and they have been developing their new partnership together, starting to attend competitions. Chloe has goals to continue competing in interschool equestrian events.

Ryder Wilkie

Horse: Absolut Allure (Arabian Warmblood by Dicavalli Decadence)


13 year old Ryder started dressage lessons through 2022 on her pony Prince. Soon outgrowing him, the hunt for that special 2nd horse took longer than they wanted.

But all good things come to those who wait… and Ryder and Ally became a team in mid 2023.


And the slow and steep learning curve on a warmblood began, and it has been a lot of fun along the way. Nicole is helping Ryder set her training and competitions goals, and they look forward to competing at Pony Club and Interschool Dressage in 2024.

Ryder and Allie had their competition debut at an Equestrian Gold Coast Interschool event, placing 2nd in their preliminary class with 65% and look forward to more through 2024.

Taylah Allen

Horse: Remi Victoria Secret (Warmblood Remi Vigneron)

Taylah has been a very successful show rider winning many Pony and Galloway championships. Now a busy early child carer and a full time university student, Taylah started training with Nicole in early 2023 with her Welsh cob gelding, Burrowa Welsh Myth. They had a very successful debut year winning the Equestrian Gold Coast annual High Point Preliminary dressage award, and scoring up to 70% in their final test together.

Combining work, study and training, Taylah made the hard decision to move on to looking for a young warmblood which would give her a quieter year to commit to study. We found the perfect partner in beautiful 3 year old Chalamet (Chemistry/Riverside), but tragically lost him to a snake bite. 

Fortunately Taylah has found a spectacular young mare Remi Victorias Secret to continue her dressage journey.

Peta Fielding

Horse: whoever Nicole can dig out of the NTD stables


Devoted mum of Daisy, Peta decided to see what all the fuss was about. With a huge thankyou to Karin Gordon, who kindly lends her wonderfully kind mares, Showgirl or Fidelia, for Peta to ride; she just may be hooked.

Nikki Robson

Horse: Violet (Warmblood)

Returning to the saddle as an adult was a dream come true for Nikki, and it was our pleasure to help her find the very special Violet, a 16.2 hand, Australian Warmblood mare.


Seeing them together, forging a bond and relearning everything Nikki loved about horses as a teenager is heartwarming. Nicole looks forward to helping Nikki set and achieve her goals though 2024.

Alli Reinke

Horse: Da Vito

Tiny Alli and the mighty DaVito are a delight to coach. Alli is a National Show Horse Champion rider with a dream to pursue dressage. Starting with Nicole in late 2023, and making their dressage debut at the Equestrian Gold Coast Interschool event, winning the Secondary School Preliminary Championship and the Highest Scoring Pony of the Day was a great start. Not long after this, Alli and Da Vito won Grand National 12-15 year Reserve Champion Rider.

Alli Reinke.jpg
Emily Barrow

Horse: Laudan Royal Galliano (Warmblood by Royal Gregor)

Emily is an Australian Outback Spectacular rider with a successful background in the Show arena. Starting with Nicole in late 2023 with young 5 year old Warmblood Leo, with goals to learn about and advance his dressage training, Emily is keen to start competing in 2024.

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